Our government has three different branches for a reason. Legislation is supposed to make the laws. The judicial is supposed to make sure those laws coincide with the Constitution. The President, which is part of the executive branch, is supposed to enforce the existing laws.

Therefore, the President suggested declaring an emergency in this manner should not be allowed. By him taking this action, women would be allowed to get an abortion even if the Supreme Court overturns it and states put limits.

Why does it seem like this administration is obsessed with death? Abortion is legalized murder. Did you know abortion became legalized before ultrasounds were used in America? That means everything we’ve learned because of ultrasounds didn’t exist when Roe v Wade became law.

We now know just how alive and wonderful babies are in the womb. They have a heartbeat at around 6 weeks. They have their own fingerprints and blood type. We need to pray that the Supreme Court overturns this and for our nation. God is not pleased with this and His judgment is brewing!

From the Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden is considering announcing a “national public health emergency” if Roe v Wade is overturned by the US Supreme Court in the coming days.

This authoritarian move by the Biden regime would allegedly help women in red states obtain abortions despite the court ruling and the laws of the state.

Can you even imagine if President Trump would have suggested such abuse by the executive branch?

Barricades were quickly erected at the Supreme Court in May after Politico reported on a leaked draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion in the United States. An hour after the Politico report was published a small group of protesters with candles had gathered outside the court.

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