6 Steps To Calm Down When Life Seems Like Too Much

Life is hard and can seem to be too much at times. However, if you have the Holy Spirit with you, then you have the power to calm yourself down and regain control over yourself, your mind, and your life. Living a frustrated, worn-out life is no fun and causes us to experience so much unnecessary stress. Also, it causes those around us to be exposed to bad behavior and rotten moods. Therefore, there’s no excuse! If you want to walk a successful life with God, then you must learn to regain control once it’s been lost and start over. Here are six steps to calm down when life seems like too much.

Step 1

Don’t say anything! I mean it- just stop talking! When we’re completely flustered and stressed out, we speak recklessly. We’re ready to complain (a sin) and tell everyone just how miserable we are. This is not good for anyone, especially yourself. When you feel yourself losing grip on a situation, stop talking and take time to regroup.

Step 2

Analyze the situation and ask yourself if your emotions and attitudes are realistic. Sometimes we imagine things to be worse than they really are. Ask yourself, “Is my situation really that bad?” Are you stressed out and worried about something that may never happen? Are you spending time thinking about stressful situations that have already passed?

If you’re feeling angry, why? Did someone hurt you? If so, did they mean to hurt you? Sometimes we get mad over something that was a complete accident. Staying mad only hurts us.

Step 3

As you begin to reflect and calm yourself down, be realistic about your situation. Are you doing too much? Is there a way you can delegate a task to someone else to help lift the burdens off of your shoulder? You’re only one person and can only do so much at any given time.

If there’s not someone who could help, determine if there’s a task you can put off until later. There are times when I have a lot to do and I just want to get it all done at once. However, I notice that when I try to do too much at one time, I can become cranky. That’s not good for me or my family. Therefore, sometimes it’s best to cut my current workload in half in order to retain my peace.

Step 4

Once you’ve taken care of those things, examine your mind. What thoughts are you thinking that is causing you to be unhappy? Get rid of those thoughts and replace them with God-filled thoughts. The truth is that God is with you and will never abandon you when you need Him. He loves you and wants you to cast your care upon Him. Say out loud, “God, I give this to you and I trust you with it.” Continue saying that until you feel your soul calm down.

Step 5

Regain control of your emotions. You can do this through the power of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit called self-control. God’s given us the power to control ourselves. Use it to calm your mind and change your current attitude.

Step 6

Recognize that this is spiritual warfare and tell the devil to leave you alone. Resist him, his negative attitudes, his evil thoughts, and simply say, “I refuse to go along with this!” He cannot force us to think evil thoughts. It would only happen if we allow him to get away with it.

The enemy wants to steal your peace, but he cannot do it if you stand strong in the truth of God’s Word. Each time Jesus defeated the devil in the wilderness, He did it by speaking God’s Word. The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit. That means we should wield it and use it to cut the desire of our enemies into pieces!

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There are times when we feel like we’re losing our minds. That may be true, but we don’t have to allow ourselves to live continually in that state. There are steps to take in order to regain control of yourself once it’s been lost. These include:

  • Stop talking!
  • Examine your situation.
  • Be realistic with your workload.
  • Take inventory of your thoughts and get rid of the bad ones.
  • Assess your emotions and regroup.
  • Resist the enemy’s tactics.

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