My Encounter With The Demon Of Fear

Throughout my walk with God, I’ve learned and seen many things. In this article, I want to talk about the day I came face to face with a demon of fear.

There was a moment in time when I kept facing spiritual warfare in my dreams. Every night I would have these horrible dreams of demons and wouldn’t be able to wake up. This encounter occurred during that period of time.

What I Saw

I don’t remember having a horrible dream that night, but I do remember waking up. I was half asleep and I saw someone pacing back and forth in my room. They were dressed like an old lady with a long dress and a sun hat. They were looking down and whispering to themselves.

Immediately, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “That’s a demon, you need to cast it out.”

I was tired so I closed my eyes and put it off. Then, I opened my eyes again seconds later and saw the person again. God told me, “You have to cast out that spirit!”

Being tired and not fully awake, I mumbled out loud, “I cast you out in the name of Jesus.”

The demon stopped dead in its tracks and it’s head immediately turned my way. It seemed to teleport right to me and stood over me in the bed. In the most horrific voice I ever heard in my life, it said, “I’m not going anywhere.” It smiled and began to laugh. I was completely paralyzed and felt like I couldn’t breathe.

All I could see was this being standing over me, convulsing and laughing. Let me describe to you the face I saw.

Its Face

It had completely black flesh with full white circles as eyes. I don’t remember seeing a nose form, but I’m sure it had nose holes. Its teeth were white, little nubs that filled its mouth. I’ve never watched the movie (and probably never will because of this), but its teeth looked similar to the dragon’s smile of How To Train Your Dragon.

After a few seconds of struggling to get up, I sat up gasping for air and couldn’t see the demon anymore. I sensed its presence and panicked because I didn’t know what to do.

My Bibles were on a shelf near me so I grabbed one and desperately searched for a scripture. After citing a few that explained God’s power, I knew it wasn’t doing anything. I was completely unequipped for this. But I felt the Spirit lead me to put on a few powerful worship songs that proclaimed God’s power and authority. Therefore, I put those songs on and began to worship.

I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and I began to anoint the room for holiness, peace, God’s protection, and anything else that came to mind. Eventually, the spirit left and I continued to pray and worship God.

Revelation About This Demon Of Fear

Later, the Lord showed me specifics about this spirit and what I saw.

For example, it was dressed like an old lady. He told me that fear presents itself as something comforting and caring. There’s nothing scary about an old lady. In fact, grandmoms are some of the world’s greatest heroes. We trust them and take their word because they have more experience than us.

Fear doesn’t approach us as manic. Instead, it comes to us in the appearance, of wanting our best interest. It may say, “Why try when you’ll probably fail and make a fool of yourself. Save face and don’t try at all.” What about the famous, “But what will this person think about your decision?” Don’t be tricked by the voice of fear.

The next thing God showed me is the fact it was pacing back and forth, whispering to itself. He showed me that demons never rest and they’re always seeking and searching for their next victim. They’re constantly putting out lies to see who will grab onto them.

Next, the convulsion I saw meant that this being cannot rest even if it wanted to. It’s itching for listening ears and to lie to someone. Remember I said it began laughing? It thinks our torment is funny and they enjoy it.

Lastly, I was paralyzed. I couldn’t breathe and that’s exactly what fear does to us. It paralyzes us so we cannot fulfill our potential that God called us for. Fear suffocates and many people have anxiety from it.


Although the presence of the spirit left, I had no idea about the lingering effects of it. Spirits latch on whichever way possible. Therefore, that spirit of fear stayed with me and I didn’t realize it until years later. After this occurrence, I pulled away from God because I was afraid of seeing more demons. I developed a fear of the dark and stopped waking up at night to work on my writing career.

In other words, it accomplished its mission. I would disdain waking up in the middle of the night because I was so afraid to be awake.

However, I learned that fear is one of the most common demons people fight with. Not only that, but there’s a way to gain freedom from this spirit and any other one.

Casting Out The Demon Of Fear

In order to cast out a demon, you must recognize that there is one. Many people live with a demon their whole life simply because they don’t know or believe there is one bothering them.

When I finally learned this demon of fear still had power over my life, I felt the Lord tell me I had to cast it out immediately.

I had heard a teacher tell me how to do it, but I’d never done anything like this before. Nevertheless, I had to obey God and I was determined to be free from this thing.

Therefore, I said something like this:

“I see you unclean spirit of fear. I declare that you have no power over me or my household any longer. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and God is the only spirit welcome here. I divorce you, I renounce you and declare that you must leave in the name of Jesus. Recognizing in myself I am nothing, I use the power of Jesus, whose name is above every name and every knee must bow before Him, to cast you down to hell. You have no power, in the name of Jesus, and I command you to leave.”

What Happened

Since I had never done that before, I didn’t know what to expect. As I was saying these words, I felt fear overcome me so strongly. This demon of fear was trying to use its power to stop me, but I knew God was on my side. After going like this for a few minutes, the fear left and I didn’t feel it anymore.

As you can imagine, I immediately grabbed my anointing oil and began to pray and anoint the house. I declared that no unclean spirit was welcome in this house because God lives here. I allowed the Holy Spirit to flow through me and I prayed over our property for about 30 minutes.

After this encounter, I continue to pray over myself, my family, our property, and anything else the Lord shows me. I learned that these spirits are determined and have a job to do. They will continue to come back and you must actually fight in this spiritual battle.

However, there is good news. The Lord is more powerful than these spirits and they are no competition for Him. You have to do your job and cling to God, pray regularly, and stand watch over your life and family. It’s easier to stop them before they take root. Therefore, as soon as you’re seeing signs of an evil spirit is when you should attack. Never wait.

Protection From Spirits

In Ephesians chapter 6, we see a wide array of spiritual armor. These include:

  • the helmet of salvation
  • breastplate of righteousness
  • waist of truth
  • shoes of peace
  • shield of faith
  • the sword of the Spirit

There are many pieces to unpack here, but we’re only going to focus on the waist of truth and the shield of faith. By meditating on the Word of God and verses that expose the lies of fear, we can renew our minds to not fall victim to their lies.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

– Joshua 1:9 NKJV

Are You Under Attack?

If you’re under attack, first pray and locate which spirit is afflicting you. These kinds of skills get better with practice so it’s important to begin applying them now. You can use my prayer above, or be lead in the Spirit to come up with your own.

“I see you unclean spirit of _____. I declare that you have no power over me or my household any longer. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and God is the only spirit welcome here. I divorce you, I renounce you and declare that you must leave in the name of Jesus. Recognizing in myself I am nothing, I use the power of Jesus, whose name is above every name and every knee must bow before Him, to cast you down to hell. You have no power, in the name of Jesus, and I command you to leave.”

Just like I did with the demon of fear, it’s important to call the spirit by their name. Come at them directly with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, some things take time to gain deliverance. Don’t be surprised if you have to go on a continuous battle with these enemies. Just like anything else, don’t give up. They don’t have a choice but to flee in the name of Jesus.

My encounter with the demon of fear

How to deal with the demon of fear

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  1. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing your prayer. After several encounters with evil entities, God lead me to the Catholic church. I am still in the fight, but I live much more peacefully as a Catholic, and attending the blessed Mass.

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