As a homeschooling mother, I want to be sure to teach my kids more than just math and reading skills. I want them to be effective Christians and operate in the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I wanted to do a kid’s bible study on the fruit of the spirit. However, I couldn’t find what I was looking for online and I didn’t want to buy a kid’s bible study on self-control. So, I decided to create my own! My son enjoyed it and I’m offering it to you as a free printable that you can download.

If you would also like to teach your children (or grandchildren) about self-control, the fruit of the Spirit, then you can download this printable for free. I laminated it after printing it in an attempt to keep them for my younger children. I’m also thinking of using these teachings again when my Kindergartener gets older.

This free printable includes a scripture, the definition of the word, what God commands from us regarding self-control, and ways we can express the self-control of the Spirit to others.

While reading over this paper with my son, he was very engaged and it was a nice way to connect over what the Bible says. I tried my best to keep it simple for children to understand the concept easily. If you decide to download it, I pray it helps you teach this fruit of the Spirit.

Also, there are more homeschool printables on the resource library page. I’m extremely passionate about homeschooling and would never charge for anyone to use the printables and worksheets I create for my own family. Homeschooling can be challenging in and of itself.

I pray you enjoy this free printable about the fruit of the Spirit self-control. If so, please share this content. Also, feel free to leave a comment below. As always, thanks for reading!

kids bible study fruit of the spirit self control

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