While it’s true that God values humans more than animals, it’s not true that he doesn’t care about them. He created them and God cares about how we treat them. There are quite a few scriptures that prove this to be true which I’ll share with you.

You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain.”

– Deuteronomy 25:4

God prohibits the muzzling of an animal while it’s working in the field. By muzzling an animal, you’d be preventing it from drinking or eating which could cause animal suffering.

You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together.”

– Deuteronomy 22:10

God prohibits the yoking of two different sized animals together. Again, this would cause suffering to the animals.

And if any native Israelite or foreigner living among you eats or drinks blood in any form, I will turn against that person and cut him off from the community of your people, for the life of the body is in its blood. I have given you the blood on the altar to purify you, making you right with the Lord. It is the blood, given in exchange for a life, that makes purification possible. That is why I have said to the people of Israel, ‘You must never eat or drink blood—neither you nor the foreigners living among you.’”

– Leviticus 17:10-12

The Lord prohibits the consumption of blood. There was a practice in ancient times (before refrigerators) when people would cut the limb off a live animal for consumption. If they didn’t keep the animal alive, there was no way to keep all the meat fresh (except with a lot of salt). God was telling His people not to do that. That kind of unnecessary animal suffering was not okay and banned by God.

You can read all about that ancient practice here.

Once again, we see that God cares about animals and doesn’t want them to suffer unnecessarily. However, the Bible does not attempt to prevent animal death.

When it comes to humans, God teaches us practices to help prevent suffering and death. In this order, the Bible would allow animal experimentation (if animal suffering can be avoided) to find cures to save a human life or cure human disease.

Unfortunately, there have been people who have loved animals more than humans. During the Nazi regime, animal experimentation was banned but they carried out horrible experiments on non-sedated humans.


Yes, God cares about how we treat animals. However, God cares more about how we treat human beings. Animal life is not more valuable than human life to God. Humans are created in the image of God and Satan seeks to destroy that image. It’s possible to love both humans and animals, but one should never put the life of an animal over that of another human.

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Does God Care About How We Treat Animals_

god cares about how we treat animals god cares about how we treat animals

Does God Care About How We Treat Animals_

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