How on Earth is this even a headline? Nonetheless, it seems a teacher took their student to a drag queen show where there was a registered sex offender.

In the past few years, many citizens have been fleeing blue states for red. Texas has been one of those states that people have been flocking to. But it seems as though nowhere is safe anymore. I know people who are fleeing Texas for Florida and Tennessee!

How horrific this allegation is! At least the governor will investigate. As if you needed any more reasons to homeschool your child, here it is. Consider it as an option!

From Infowars:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered an investigation into an allegation by a parent that a teacher took his son to a drag queen show which was attended by a convicted sex offender.

The claim was made by during a Houston Independent School District board meeting last week.

“He took him to a drag show when he was underage and it was really bad. It was a really bad experience. He also put him next to this sex offender when he was out there with my son,” the parent said at the meeting.

The parent said the teacher, who is also a “writer for an LGBTQ magazine,” “recruited” his 16-year-old son and exposed him to a pedophile who was previously convicted for an assault on an 8-year-old child.

The parent said his son took videos and photos at the event and also has proof of his communication with the teacher in the form of text messages.

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