How Long Should I Fast?

There are many reasons Christians should fast. When starting out, there are a bunch of questions people end up asking. One of those is, “How long should I fast?” I’ll do my best to answer that question for you.

Fasting can be different for everyone. However, if you’re just starting to integrate fasting into your lifestyle (or haven’t started yet), I wouldn’t recommend starting with a long period of time. Don’t try to begin with a whole week or even a whole day. While some people start there and achieve it, I wouldn’t want you to become discouraged.

If you choose too long of a period and don’t achieve it, it can discourage you and deter you from trying again. Just like with anything else, starting with a smaller, more attainable goal would be better.

If you’re new to fasting, begin with abstaining from your last meal of the day. For example, let’s say you eat at 3 pm and usually eat again around 7 pm. I would start by fasting from 3 pm to the next day at breakfast time.

Try that and if you succeed, then you can begin skipping the meal before that one. That would probably be something like 12 pm to the next day. After achieving that, then you can move on to fasting the entire day.

Once you become stronger in fasting, then it would be time to seek God and see if He wants you to fast longer than that. It’s possible to fast for two or even three weeks. However, I don’t believe the length of time should be your objective. It’s not important the amount of time you fast, but that you fast with the right motives in the will of God.

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When starting out, I suggest you begin with a small period of time then gradually work your way up the ladder. Fasting isn’t easy at first, but you’ll begin to get better with practice. Therefore, practicing with shorter periods of time would boost your confidence and ability to fast.

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how long should I fast?

how long should I fast? how long should I fast? how long should I fast?

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