A Prayer For American Elections

prayer for america's election

There’s an election coming up, which means it’s extremely important for God’s people to unite in prayer for this American election. God isn’t finished with the United States yet, so let’s pray for His guidance and ruling in our nation. Let’s pray for a Holy Spirit-led revival to touch the hearts of men and women all throughout this land.

A Prayer For American Elections

Heavenly Father,

We come to You in the name of Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are committed to serving and following Him and we thank You for the shedding of His blood. We come to You as Your personal representatives in this world and in this nation. Therefore, we lift up our nation to You, the United States of America.

Thank you for all the saints you’ve allowed to go before us and plant seeds of righteousness in this land. Please continue to have mercy and grace for this nation. We ask that You send a strong revival through the Holy Spirit on this land that would flow through the entire nation, exposing the strongholds of Satan and casting down anything that opposes Your Word.

In our upcoming elections, we stand in the name of Jesus against every satanic force trying to prevail in these elections. We disrupt and break their power and turn over the control of our government to You. We ask that You will overrule their processes. We pray for You to raise up those who You desire and put down the people who go against Your purposes. Let Your purposes be fulfilled in this land.

We believe You have a special plan for America and pray that Satan is rendered ineffective against Your plan. We pray for the relationship between the United States and Israel. Allow this nation to be used for Israel’s benefit, to uphold and support Your people and their state.

Father, we ask these things and believe them to be Your will. Let these things be done for Your glory, in the all-prevailing name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our savior.


A prayer for American elections A prayer for American elections A prayer for American elections A prayer for American elections

A prayer for American elections A prayer for American elections

A prayer for American elections

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