Ever since Satan successfully took over the government school system, our country has been negatively affected. Everything that once made America exceptionally great has been frowned upon and slowly phased out, including the nuclear families that decide to remain traditional.

In many states, children that attend government schools are exposed to LGBTQ+ propaganda in grades as low as preschool. In my home state, an LGBTQ+ curriculum is required in first grade that involves having students evaluate their gender identities. Teachers are to ask questions like, “How do you know you’re a boy?”

With so much confusion, it’s no wonder that the percentage of kids identifying as LGBTQ+ has skyrocketed.

And unfortunately, the protocol for such children is to prescribe them hormone blockers to stop puberty and they can also take cross-sex hormones. This is the beginning of the transitioning process. These are minors making huge life-altering decisions. So of course, when they end up regretting these decisions, it’s devastating. We must protect the children of this nation.

Have you watched, “What Is A Woman” by Matt Walsh? Now’s a good time as ever!

From The Gateway Pundit:

LGBTQ+++ activists claim those who associate gender dysmorphia with mental illness are bigots.

But teens who have undergone gender reassignment surgeries after believing they were born in the wrong body are warning against the detrimental effects puberty blockers, mastectomies and gender transitioning have had on their health.

After cutting it off, they are desperate to “detransition.”

“I was failed by the system,” 17-year-old Chloe Cole told the New York Post. “I can’t stay quiet… I need to do something about this and to share my own cautionary tale.”

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