I remember when Covid first hit. There were warnings that many people will starve due to the government lockdowns that ceased the production of goods. And now, two years later, we are still being targeted for a human-made global famine. Not only are American warehouses being burned to the ground, but countries are now being forced to reduce the output of their farms.

The governments in Canada, the Netherlands, and now Ireland are implementing “green policies” that will eventually lead to a famine. The Ireland government is requiring that farmers reduce their emissions to be “more green”. However, the only way to comply is to simply farm less and produce less food. We’re already in the midst of now having enough food. Now governments want to step in and “fix” more problems.

The Canadian government wants farmers to use 30% less fertilizer. Dutch and Canadian farmers have already been protesting these policy changes. Farmers are warning that if these policies take effect, they will end up going bankrupt and famines will occur. Wake up and prepare while you can!

From Breitbart-

“Farmers in Ireland may soon be forced to make potentially damaging changes to their businesses as climate alarmist ministers within Ireland’s government look set to cut the sector’s emissions by around 28 percent.

Officials within the Irish government have been haggling over how badly to hammer the country’s farms with green legislation for some time, despite the visceral reactions of farmers in fellow EU member-state the Netherlands to the curbing of nitrogen emissions, due to the damage the EU-inspired restrictions will cause to their businesses.

According to a report by The Times, Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, has already agreed to force a cut of either 27 or 28 percent on the country’s farming sector, a move that will cause significant disruptions to local businesses.”

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